Why Can't Mommy Spend More Time with Me?
About the Author

Jimmy Huston is a recovering screenwriter and filmmaker who has been distracted by his two daughters for the last twenty-four years and is finally getting back to work.



Why Can't Mommy
Spend More Time with Me?

Written by Jimmy Huston
Illustrations by Andere Andrea Petrlik

A gentle tribute to the ones who keep us all going.

If you’ve heard this age old question and seen the tears, there are some pretty good answers in this book.

Children love their mommies and want all their time. This book explains to them why moms have other things to do (for their kids). It gives kids useful ideas of how they can help with everyday chores to give their moms more time to spend on fun activities with them.

34 pages
34 full-color illustrations

¿Por qué mi mamá no puede pasar más tiempo conmigo?

Un noble tributo a todas esas personas que son nuestros motores.

Si alguna vez nas escuchado y visto Las Lagrimas de ésta eterna pregunta, encontrarás espectaculares respuestas adentroge.

Pourquoi Maman Ne Passe t’elle Pas Plus de Temps avec Moi?

Un tendre hommage à ceux qui nous permettent aussi de grandir.

Et si vos enfants vous ont déjà posé cette question avec les larmes aux yeux, il y a de bonnes réponses dans ce livre.


Finally, a book kids can write in!

U-Draw Books offer kids a chance to illustrate
a book and show the way they picture the story.


by Jimmy Huston

Illustrations by Andrea Andere Petrlik